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Becoming part of the dream

we need you at Sagrado’s Science Fest!


Director Zaida Gracia

When I attend the first World Science Festival in NYC 2008 I was in love.  In love because I saw the interaction between scientists, writers and musicians, with moderators such as Alan Alda, integrating media such as movies and music in their presentations  in a very entertaining way. A science festival for non- scientist?  Yet the speakers were the best scientific communicators in the world today and the topics cover a variety of themes of actual relevance from a multidisciplinary perspective.


This experience inspire me to write a proposal to celebrate a similar event at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón.   The first Sagrado’s Science Festival was celebrated on may 2011 and it was a huge success. The two-day event included prominent speakers. Science students helped select topics, speakers, and with event coordination.  During two days we held daytime activities for 300 students and teachers from 37 public and private schools and two evening activities, for approximately 1,000 participants, including the participation of  Dr. Brian Greene, renowned physicist, founder of the World Science Festival. Post-event assessment showed the 2011 Festival was attended by high school and college students, university faculty, and the general community.  Due to budget limitations and seating availability, we were unable to include all persons wanting to attend.


We are currently planning our second Science festival to be held from March 26 – 30, 2012.  We want your sponsorship in order to expand the festival activities, more events, more speakers, etc.

By expanding Festival activities we will be able to bring more speakers and touch upon a wider scope of scientific topics. We are hopeful this will lead to many science student and teacher interactions.  More high school students, teachers and college students will be able to benefit from their participation and we will offer a wider variety of topics.


Approximately 1,500 participants are expected to attend proposed week-long science festival activities helping us disseminate knowledge of science and mathematics and the many opportunities in STEM careers. Based on the attendance experience with our first low budget festival we expect approximately 550 students and 150 teachers to attend. Student and teacher attendance will be coordinated with the Department of Education of P.R. and directly with private schools. In addition some 1,000 community participants are expected.


The Segundo Festival de Ciencias de Sagrado dissemination/exposure will include USC TV and radio stations (TeleSagrado and Radio Activa) and local radio stations and newspapers as a public service. Student interviews, student portal, and panel discussions will be posted online to create additional interest in the Program. The website and the facebook group stemlabs will also help disseminate Festival activities. Company contribution/sponsorship of Science Festival activities will be highlighted in festival brochure(s) and poster(s) and in radio and local newspaper interviews.


Be part of the dream, part of the event that will change the perspective of science appreciation and support in our country.


For more information on how you can be part of the dream please contact us at or call 787-728-1515 extension 3288.



Zaida M Gracia, Director
Stemlabs and Curricular Enhancement Program
Universidad del Sagrado Corazón


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